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Copy Editing

Are you sure that you’re writing as a whole is consistent, clear and coherent? Are you sure that one idea smoothly flows into the next, developing and supporting your argument? Are you sure that your writing is completely error-free? 

If you’re not sure, then you may want to hire a copy editor to act as your second set of eyes, as well as offer you some writing advice and tips to ensure sure that your work is free from mistakes. 


Copy editing is typically done after you have finished writing and need an extra pair of eyes to read over your work and check that it has a clear and consistent argument, is audience-appropriate and ultimately tells the best story possible. The copy editing process also makes sure that the piece is clean and correct in terms of spelling, grammar, style and punctuation. A copy editor reads through your writing in order to make sure that your idea, story or general argument is portrayed coherently and insert comments or suggestions wherever necessary in order to aid your writing process and offer advice. Having this fresh set of eyes review your work will ensure that you haven’t missed anything and that no mistakes have been made so it is ready for publication. 

If you’re only looking for your written work to be double-checked for mistakes, without the more in-depth changes, then you may want to read more about my proofreading service here.

I have experience copy editing across a range of written work including magazine articles, social media content, press releases, newsletters, blog posts, academic work, cover letters, books and more. If you have some written work that you would like proofreading, get in touch to talk about how I can help you.


My copy editing service involves: 

  • Refining grammar 

  • Correcting spelling errors 

  • Perfecting punctuation usage

  • Removing double spacing 

  • Polishing formatting 

  • Checking for consistency and fluidity 

  • Checking verb and noun agreement 

  • Organising paragraphs accordingly and coherently 

  • Dividing and rewording poorly structured sentences 

  • Restructuring paragraphs and sentences 

  • Rewriting sections of the piece which are not consistent with the main body of the text 

  • Ensuring the piece maintains the writer’s voice throughout

  • Making the language sound more natural and idiomatic for non-native English speakers

  • Addressing inconsistencies in the text 

  • Reducing the overuse of repeated words 

  • Replacing incorrect word choices with more suitable vocabulary 

  • Making sure that all loose ends are tied up

  • Adjusting the length of the text to suit the word count


I copy edit for anyone with any type of written work including:

  • Business professionals, companies and entrepreneurs 

    • You need copy editing for your white papers, reports, manuals, press releases, website content, digital marketing material and other business documents including CVs, cover letters and emails. 

  • Writers and authors 

    • You have a fiction or nonfiction book, manuscript, play, or eBook that you need copy editing in order to enhance your voice, check that your argument flows and look for any mistakes. 

  • Magazines and Newspapers 

    • You work for a magazine or newspaper and need someone to copy edit articles, events, listings or press releases that will be featured in your publication. 

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate students 

    • You are writing an essay, project, assignment, or term paper and need it copy editing to enhance your argument and check for mistakes.  

  • Academics

    • You need to have your journal article, dissertation, thesis or research copy edited for mistakes and consistency. 

  • Social media marketers 

    • You have digital marketing material, newsletters, press releases, or social media content that needs to be reviewed for mistakes and rewritten to suit your voice and style before publishing. 

  • Website content creators 

    • You need copy editing for your SEO blog posts or website content in order to check that it is clear, consistent, accurate and represents the company’s voice and style. 

  • Non-native English speakers

    • English is not your mother tongue. You are looking for English copy editing so that your writing uses the appropriate vocabulary and expressions, making you sound more like a native speaker.

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